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Donation Links Updated!

Good Afternoon ALL!! <3

My blog has places to donate because PANDAS NEED OUR LOVE! I haven’t updated links in 2 years, so there have been a few changes! An example would be: the Toronto Zoo pandas changing zoos earlier this year to the Calgary Zoo! 

I kept the links panda specific, so there would be less links cluttering in my description. But always feel free to support an individual zoo’s or a program’s efforts as a whole. These are also not the only Zoos with pandas around the world, please donate to any organization you see fit! But these were the easiest to find donation links for and were in English. 

Feel free to send me information of reputable sites/organizations, if you have any that have a panda mission/vision you enjoy!

Disclaimer: Always watch what and where you send your money. Please always follow safe online web searches and practices. Once you leave my blog all transactions are between you and the organization. I do not get any profit from promoting zoos or organizations. If you would like any links to be removed please send me a private message. 

pandasneedourlove: Branch manager by Stinkersm…


Branch manager by Stinkersmell on Flickr.

Panda bear cub Xiao Liwu takes in the scenery from a treetop at the San DIego Zoo recently. Though it appears to be taken at eye level, he was about 25 up in the air!



 All rights reserved by ravenfaery79

All rights reserved by ParisGal

All rights reserved by ParisGal



All rights reserved by Charles Lovely

pandasneedourlove: Chengdu giant pandas by Rob…

Chengdu giant pandas


Chengdu giant pandas by Rob Schleiffert

Via Flickr:

Chengdu, 29 July 2017

Coming down… The pandas are good climbers.

The ‘Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding’ is worth a visit. Pandas are amazing animals, but also slow and sheepish. Some 100 are kept in the zoo of which I counted 25.

Several cubs were born in June and July. Visitors could see two pink babies in incubators and several older cubs in kindergarten.

Less than 2000 wild giant pandas are still living in the mountains.

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All rights reserved by MissAntimacy

Giant Panda Xiao Liwu 

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All rights reserved by Rita Petita

Xiao Liwu hangs out with Mom on the hammock, she was trying to sleep and he came over to play. Mr. Wu will turn 1 on 7/29/2013, Bai Yun will turn 22 on 9/7/2013. Because of her age we do not know if this will be her last cub so I treasure all of these special moments between them.

pandasneedourlove: Panda by Khairul A. Juhari …


Panda by Khairul A. Juhari on Flickr.

Giant Panda photo taken on January 1, 2014

pandasneedourlove: © Vera Le Bail  Playful Yan…


© Vera Le Bail 

Playful Yang Yang and Fu Bao on June 19, 2014 at Zoo Vienna